Dinosaur Lines Medium Gift Box

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Gift Boxes for mum and bub handmade in New Zealand by Miss Izzy
Gift Boxes for mum and bub handmade in New Zealand by Miss Izzy
Gift Boxes for mum and bub handmade in New Zealand by Miss Izzy


Do you have a baby shower coming up and don’t know what to give the lucky lady? Why not make it real easy by picking a gift box. These can be sent to yourself to give in person, or gift wrapped with a note to send straight to her.

The silicone beads are BPA free and food grade and can withstand the force of a gummy baby. The beads can be easily washed with soapy water after being slimed. Beads and rings are made from Maple wood and sealed with NZ natural beeswax and carnauba wax that brings out the natural grain and beauty of the wood. The wax is food safe and being natural, you needn't worry about any nasties in your precious child's mouth.

How many times do you give your keys to your bub to keep them quiet, to get them back soaking wet after a slobbery session. This is a safe alternative with no sharp pointy keys in their mouth and bacteria lurking in the grooves of the keys. All with a detachable clip for easy removal.

The Bunny Teether with removal fabric, make this a great first teether for the baby. They are prewashed and ready to go. With the dimple minky fabric it's the the perfect sensory fabric for any age. The wooden ring is 7cm wide and coated in NZ beeswax.

The plastic clasp for the necklace is anti strangle and can be pulled apart when they start tugging and pulling the necklace while chewing on it. These necklaces are both trendy and classic so don't have to be worn just by mothers with teething kids, they're a necklace for any lady of any age from 4yrs+. 

Mini Teether Clip: 23cm from clasp to the last bead
Bunny: 19cm long
Karekare Necklace: 32cm 

Original designs handmade in New Zealand by Miss Izzy since 2012.

Rest assured we would never sell anything we wouldn't give to our own children, so your little ones are in safe hands. All our teethers are made with your babies safety in mind & each individual piece goes through QC and a strength test before leaving our hands. Each teether will come with its own safety and product information sheet which gives details of how to best care for your product.