Anawhata Teething Necklace

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Original designs handmade in New Zealand by Miss Izzy since 2012.

The wood is Maple wood and sealed with NZ beeswax and Carnauba wax, bringing out the natural grain of the wood with a matt finish. The wax is food safe and being natural, you needn’t worry about any nasties in your precious child’s mouth. It helps repel all the saliva they can create, which is a lot when you're a baby.

The plastic clasp is anti strangle and can be pulled apart when they start tugging and pulling the necklace while chewing on it. These necklaces are both trendy and classic so don't have to be worn just by mothers with teething kids, they're a necklace for any lady of any age from 4yrs+. 


Each teether will come with its own safety and product information sheet which gives details of how to best care for your product.